Why Choose Bonnie's Wag'n'Tails?

If you love your furry friend as much as we do (and we know you do!) then you'll know that dogs are social animals who love to be around humans and other dogs.

But, unfortunately, we know just how easily life events and commitments can pop-up and make it difficult to give your precious pup that much needed one-on-one time every single day.

That's where we come in!

We pride ourself on providing the dogs in our care with some much-needed attention and socialisation on those occasions where your important life commitments mean you need a little extra help.

All of the dogs we walk get their full hour of playtime in local parks and walkways, getting the freedom to run around off of their leads and play with their new doggy friends.

Or, if you have a furry friend who just needs someone to pop by and fill their tummies and give them some playtime, we can do that too!

So, whether it's work, appointments or last-minute social events that have you needing our services, we've got you covered!

Just get in touch by picking up the phone, sending us an email or hopping over to our social media pages, and let us see how we can help you!

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